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Quality Policy

quality-stampQuality – a commitment, a habit, a routine, a way to growth is how we define it. Quality is the only factor in today’s world which can decide the growth of any business organization. In order to grow and have exponential growth rate one needs to provide consistent quality at reasonable price. We understand this and always follow it, we always believe in delivering products which come upto customers expectations. Quality checks are inbuilt in the process to maintain complete control at every stage of forging cycle. Raw material selection, die development, cutting and forging processes are carried out in pre-specified fashion. Every prototype and parts batch go through rigorous quality checks. Samples are checked for dimensional accuracy and metallurgical soundness. Samples of hot forgings are inspected at regular intervals for visual forging defects and dimensional accuracy. When required, 100% crack detection is carried out on magnaflux machines and hardness is finally tested to meet with the requirements. Today, “Perfect” maintains the tradition of innovation, reliability and quality. And just as importantly, we keep our overheads reasonable, so we can offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.